Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Springs of living water

The heart of God the Father is Missional. He always sends, He always reaches out. He sent His Son to save the world, then he sent His Holy Spirit who in turn empowered the apostles and sent them on mission to be Christ's ambassadors, He still does that.

I'm a restless type, might be because of my INFP type personality or there is something of God that doesn't leave me to settle, most probably both working in unity, but one is certain, I'm restless. I cant imagine living for a career, earthly possessions ( and yes we need them, but that is secondary),and i found out that no matter how fun life is i will soon find it boring. Four walls piety is not my cup of tea, i can't lie myself with false fires of the type "we will save the world" if after i have passed the times of youthful zeal i don't consciously choose to live radical missional life no matter how much that hurts. Yes i want to live for the Kingdom of God, and even to say "want" is not doing justice, because is stronger than my will, even if temporary things succeed to deceive me for a while, this " want" comes back even stronger, and I'm glad it comes back.

One of my all time missional hero's is St. Patrick. He was British living in the fourth century. His grandfather was priest but Patrick would find personal faith after he was captured when being a teenager and sold as slave to a Celtic druid in Ireland. He started praying to God and after some time it turned into something that consumed his life, it is said that he prayed most of the day while he was herding the swines of his master. One night while sleeping he had a dream that next day he should be on the shores and that there is a ship that will take him home. Next day all that came to pass and he escaped his slavery. Some say that after this he went to a monastery in France and then went back to England. He was trained to become a priest and served faithfully for two decades and when being in his forties he received the "Macedonian call", the voice of the Lord clearly calling him to go back to the Irish people who didn't have any knowledge of the Lord and be their apostle. Patrick's heart was burning for the Irish. Once again the Lord was sending someone. The outcome was thousands being saved and in a century the whole Ireland coming to know the Lord, leaving in history one of the most vibrant and beautiful chrisitan movement of all times whose streams are still inspiring thousands and hopefully will give fruit again.

In my next post i will write my conclusions on studying this movement and analyzes that can help us bringing the Beauty of the Lord to the post-christian and post-modern generation

Monday, December 01, 2008

i had a dream

I had a dream. It was the most beautiful dream. Suddenly i freaked out on the thought that it's a dream and will end. I started to speak in the dream" I'm afraid this is a dream, may somebody slap my face, please someone". No one dared. i slapped my face , it was numb. I woke up. I had a dream....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ok people, sorry i was gone for almost two years from the blogging world, but staying around my friend Shea , i got the inspiration to start it again. i just went through some of my post and is so good to read again what was going on in my life , so i guess you'll reed more often from me.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Aiming the stars

Just kidding, but yesterday was great. We ( Vanity fair) were playing in club "Kastro" taking part in the annual Rock Fest. We were competing with the other bands, and got most votes that night which means we will probably go to the finals.
The way we played was awesome, you could feel the energy, and i think i'm getting new addiction--- playing live:)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

new stuff

The sun on the elbow needs to be finished, i have done also the japanese style clouds that are beneath the sun.